The View from Apollo

The View from Apollo

A Podcast with Dr. Torsten Sløk

The View from Apollo delivers timely market insights from the Chief Economist of Apollo Global Management, Dr. Torsten Sløk. The podcast features in-depth conversations between Sløk and a rotation of Apollo’s thought leaders, each bringing their unique perspectives on current macroeconomic trends, the impact to various businesses, and what it all means for investors.

How Important Is Vintage in Private Credit Investing Today?September 5, 2023

Listen to Apollo Chief Economist Torsten Sløk talk to Jim Vanek, Co-Head of Global Performing Credit, about what’s happening in the credit markets, potential opportunities in private credit, and what to watch out for. Jim and Torsten engage in a wide-ranging discussion of the economy, the credit markets, the importance of vintage, and delve into details around potential opportunities in private credit.

Can Alternatives Replace Public Equity?August 1, 2023

Listen to Chief Economist Torsten Sløk talk with Matt O’Mara, a Partner in Apollo’s Insurance Solutions Group, and Keith Black, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Massachusetts, about the concept of public equity replacement. Drawing from the work presented in their latest white paper, Matt and Keith argue how a portfolio of alternatives can keep the positive traits of public equity while mitigating its vulnerabilities. Learn how, why, and much more in this thought-provoking episode.

Mid-Year Outlook: What’s next for the US economy, inflation, and the Fed?July 7, 2023

Listen to Chief Economist Torsten Sløk discuss his mid-year outlook for the economy, markets, and rates. In a broad-ranging conversation with Global Head of Content Strategy J.P. Vicente, Torsten argues that the economic outlook has worsened over the past six months, and the question now is whether we will see a soft landing or a hard one. Also, he provides his views on inflation, what’s next for the Fed, China’s outlook, and what it all can mean for investor portfolios.

Private Equity Investing Amid Market DislocationMay 8, 2023

Listen to Co-Head of Private Equity Matt Nord and Chief Economist Dr. Torsten Slok discuss the current private equity investment landscape and how capital markets dislocations have helped create an attractive entry point into the asset class.

Private Credit Investing in Times of UncertaintyMarch 22, 2023

Listen to Chief Economist Dr. Torsten Slok and Co-Head of Global Performing Credit business Jim Vanek discuss the state of private credit markets, current opportunities, and the outlook for the asset class.

The Current State of Real Estate: A Look at the US MarketDecember 6, 2022

In the latest episode of “The View from Apollo” our Chief Economist, Dr. Torsten Slok, speaks with Philip Mintz, a Partner and co-head of Apollo’s Real Estate business. Tune in to hear Torsten and Philip’s thoughts on the state of the market today as the Federal Reserve and other key global central banks continue to tighten monetary conditions, changing public and private real estate valuations after massive dislocations in capital markets, their views on distressed investing, and much more.

Why Alternatives?September 20, 2022

Check out the latest episode of “The View from Apollo” where our Chief Economist, Dr. Torsten Slok, speaks with Matt O’Mara, Partner and Portfolio Manager here at Apollo. In this episode you’ll hear Torsten and Matt’s thoughts on why investors should be moving beyond the public markets and incorporating alternatives into their investment portfolios. Is the 60/40 portfolio dead? Tune in to find out.

A Closer Look at Private CreditJuly 6, 2022

Check out the latest episode of “The View from Apollo” where our Chief Economist, Dr. Torsten Slok, speaks with Jim Vanek, Partner and Co-Head of Global Performing Credit at Apollo. In this episode you’ll hear Torsten and Jim’s insights on opportunities in private credit and how rising interest rates are impacting the private lending market.

How should I be positioned?June 21, 2022

Apollo’s Chief Economist Torsten Slok recently joined the UBS On-Air: Market Moves podcast for an episode titled: How should I be positioned? Over the course of the conversation with Jason Draho (Head of Asset Allocation Americas with the UBS Chief Investment Office) Torsten discussed: The current macroeconomic environment The likelihood of a recession How elevated inflation is likely to impact monetary policy over the next few quarters, and Asset allocation options against the current macroeconomic backdrop of high inflation, rising rates, and ongoing market volatility.

Inflation, Interest Rates and a Divergent Macroeconomic EnvironmentMay 25, 2022

Torsten joined Nic Millikan on a recent episode of CAIS CXO to share his insights on global macroeconomics and their impacts on public and private markets. Hear Torsten’s views on: · Expediting investment cycles and fundraising in private equity · Four factors primarily driving higher inflation · Getting constructive on commodities and green energy · The capital markets’ reaction to rising interest rates · An end to global monetary easing (for now)? · Three broad themes when considering investment opportunities

Making an Impact: The Future of Sustainable InvestingMay 3, 2022

In this episode of The View from Apollo, we interview Dave Stangis, Partner at Apollo, and our Chief Sustainability Officer. You’ll hear Dave’s views on: How financial services firms are implementing (and measuring) sustainable practices How ESG and clean energy capital commitments fit into Apollo’s investment process How asset managers are staying ahead of changing regulations and pledges The impact of COVID on sustainability considerations, and Where Apollo is seizing opportunities in the space

Today’s Labor Market: What’s Working?April 4, 2022

In this episode of The View from Apollo, we interview Susan Arthur, CEO of CareerBuilder, and Billy Milam, CEO of EmployBridge, two of Apollo funds’ portfolio companies. You’ll hear their views on: -The current state of the labor market, employment rates, and inflation -How Covid and technology are shaping talent management -The Great Resignation, and -How volatility and geopolitical risks are impacting American jobs

Capitalizing on Opportunity in the Insurance EcosystemDecember 7, 2021

In this episode of The View from Apollo, we interview Matt Michelini, a Senior Partner at Apollo, head of our Asia-Pacific business and co-head of our Hybrid Value business. You’ll hear Matt’s views on: How Apollo is following its contrarian instincts in capitalizing on an exodus of capital from the insurance sector How our traditional investment origination capabilities work with our insurance business Apollo’s recent investments in Asia-Pacific financial services companies The influence of regulatory change on Apollo’s insurance businesses globally Matt’s thoughts on global opportunities in 2022 and beyond

Real Estate in 2021: A Global OpportunityNovember 29, 2021

In this episode of The View from Apollo, we interview Philip Mintz, one of the co-leaders of Apollo’s real estate investment division in the United States and Asia. You’ll hear Philip’s views on: How Apollo tries to manage inflation risk in real estate portfolios The precariousness of the Chinese real estate market Why India is an underappreciated real estate investment market Compelling real estate asset types in the U.S., including manufactured housing, refrigerated warehouses, and life sciences How COVID-related back-to-work plans are impacting urban commercial real estate And whether Philip would buy a Manhattan office building in 2021 (spoiler: he wouldn’t touch one with a ten-foot pole)

The View From Apollo TrailerNovember 5, 2021

Welcome to The View from Apollo, a podcast hosted by Dr. Torsten Slok, Chief Economist at Apollo Global Management, where we discuss current macroeconomic trends and break down how they’ll impact investors.