The Weekly Brief

The Weekly Brief

  • Hawkish Fed Loop

    Hawkish Fed Loop

    As inflation falls, markets may turn bullish, which could result in a slower descent to the Fed’s 2% target.

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  • Wage Inflation Slowing

    Wage Inflation Slowing

    As wage inflation starts to moderate, the Fed may be in a position to be less hawkish in the months ahead. Learn more in the Weekly Brief.

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  • A New Narrative

    A New Narrative

    The story in markets is evolving as we wrap up 2022 and head into the new year.

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  • QT Risks

    QT Risks

    Last week, Producer Price Index (PPI) data showed a decline in inflation, but not as much of a drop as…

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  • Hiring continues

    Hiring continues

    The US economy is still holding strong—particularly on the labor front—so we expect the Fed to remain hawkish.

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  • Broadway is Back

    Broadway is Back

    US consumers are flocking to experiences and services thanks, in part, to strong wage growth and high levels of savings.

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  • Descending the Mountain

    Descending the Mountain

    History tells us that there’s a risk of a second inflation mountain ahead if the Fed turns dovish too quickly.

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  • Rising Labor Costs

    Rising Labor Costs

    If both wage inflation and overall inflation are high, what does that mean for profit margins?

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  • Consumer Resilience

    Consumer Resilience

    The overall economy is still relatively strong with consumer services in particular showing robust growth.

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