The Weekly Brief

The Weekly Brief

  • Consumer Spending Still Strong

    Consumer Spending Still Strong

    The US consumer is simply not slowing down, which means the Fed has more work to do to cool the economy off to get inflation down.

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  • A Long Road Ahead

    A Long Road Ahead

    Although inflation may have peaked, markets should expect a long, bumpy ride as the Fed works to bring inflation closer to its 2% target.

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  • Job Growth Accelerates (Again)

    Job Growth Accelerates (Again)

    Last week’s surprisingly strong job numbers indicate that the US economy continues to hold strong despite rising interest rates.

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  • Rate Cuts Ahead?

    Rate Cuts Ahead?

    Speculation is building that the Fed will begin to cut interest rates early next year— prioritizing growth over inflation.

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  • Transportation Costs Drop

    Transportation Costs Drop

    Declining global transportation costs are a positive development for recent supply chain woes but may also be a sign of a slowing economy.

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  • Inflation Crossroads

    Inflation Crossroads

    We’re tracking several key trends that indicate that inflation may soon be on the decline.

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  • Has Inflation Peaked?

    Has Inflation Peaked?

    The easing of supply chain pressures combined with lower commodity prices could mean that inflation will soon be on the decline.

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  • Hawkish Times

    Hawkish Times

    The Fed will likely raise interest rates until inflation shows meaningful decline. Unfortunately, we’re in the early stages of that journey.

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  • CEO Confidence Wanes

    CEO Confidence Wanes

    Rising costs are dragging down CEO business confidence levels, putting pressure on earnings and raising the risk of a hard landing.

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